Info & Disclaimer

This is the official wordpress page of Winterskin Makeup, an italian blog about Korean makeup and skincare products.
We write about Kbeauty in general, from reviews, to news, to general articles related to it.

This page is just an archive where we post links to the original and updated blog,
Since we can’t assure you to update this page regularly, we suggest you to follow out blogspot or to follow our facebook page (You can find our socials on the upper bar or on our tumblr directory ).

Please, Keep in mind that we are always happy to reply to your mails, read your suggestions and answer your questions, so…feel free to ask.

Also, you can join us on tumblr and submit your reviews, pictures, opinions, suggestions and whatever you want. We want to build a friendly community there, so feel free to visit our page 🙂
For any issue, request or collaboration, you can email us at:

Feel free to drop a comment, we will surely reply as fast as we can 🙂


whatever you see here and in winterskin makeup has been purchased by me and/or SnowBlack, unless it is stated the contrary. In any case, we always give our completely honest opinions.


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